2017 Service Improvement Grant Application

Please read the Service Improvement Grant guidelines.

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2017 NCKLS Service Improvement Grant
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Describe your library's improvement project and how it will help the Library meet current State Standards for public library service.*
What outcomes do you expect this grant to accomplish?*
List the cost of each item to be purchased with the grant (include shipping costs if applicable). Provide a total cost for all items.
Example way to list:
  • Item 1 Tables : 422.50
  • 2nd Item Chairs : 233.33
  • Item 3 Projector : 550.00
  • Total : 1205.83
Then forward copies of supporting documantation to NCKLS. *
Note: after project completion, Documentation for expenditures for this grant and a summary report must be sent to NCKLS by Thursday, December 14, 2017.

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Last updated 01/06/2017